We’re the ultimate London summer party destination! 

On top of the UK’s largest beer hall and flexible event space, we’ll also have our pop-up beach and fish and chip shack, a huge beer garden which gets the sun all day, BBQs, frozen slushy cocktails, ice cold pints, and every minute of the Euros covered. We've got lots of different packages you can choose from to suit your business needs from group sizes of 50 people up to 1,400!

View our summer party brochure below, or email us at and we'll get in touch asap.


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East London’s largest sun-soaked beer garden where everyone gets a seat with its own private container bar

For pure summer vibes, you can’t beat the beach. Walthamstow-on-Sea brings the best of the classic British seaside to London

Get a golden ticket to the Euros matches at London’s best venue to watch football live. Electric atmosphere, great beer, BIG screens!