We have a range of spaces available for private hire which suit a wide range of events.

If your booking is for a group of 60 people of less - for occasions like birthday parties - please book online under the option ‘Group Party'. 

Our versatile event space - with a capacity of up to 700 people - is available to hire for a wide range of celebrations and occasions; performances, exhibitions, screenings, conferences, product launches, team away days and more. 

Whether your event is big or small, if you would like to organise a venue tour or have questions about hiring our venue, please get in touch by filling in the form below or via email at If you are enquiring about a current booking please contact

Please use the below form to submit your private hire enquiry. 

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Theatre seating: 500
Banqueting: 450
Standing: 700

Our versatile Event Space plays host to a huge range of events, from awards ceremonies and away days to gigs and Cèilidhs, the space is perfect for your private event with a private bar and separate access to our huge garden. 

Capacity: 400

The garden boasts its own unique shipping container bar where guests can get a variety of drinks including Big Penny beers on tap and frozen cocktails. We also host live musicians in the garden and have audio set up for DJs & bands. You can hire a section of our garden for your event or the whole space when hiring the building 

Capacity: 1,400

For special one off events - such as filming or large corporate parties - full venue hire is possible.